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Hello Dr. Alonso

I hope you are well, and all your team are too.

I was in Marbella 3 years ago and you treated me for my lower eye bags, it was at that visit I made my mind up to have a lower facelift at a later date.

I have since returned to Marbella, and you have now carried out the procedure + getting rid of the lines on my upper lip with dermabrasion together with Botox for my forehead I'm so pleased with the results, you have made me look much younger again!
From being collected at Malaga Airport by the Clinics driver after my flight from the U.K. on the weekend before my Op, I was then operated on the following Wednesday at the Hospital, and I must say I found the whole experience all very professional and secondly extremely caring!

Nurse Grassyt was amazing and so kind with her regular check-ups!

Then returning to my accommodations and completing my two weeks holidays with a difference, plus to my amazement I did not have any bruising.

Thank you so very much

Kind regards

Vikki (U.K.)

Dear All,

Thanks 4 the wonderfully care you took of us, we both had a great holiday, we really expected to spend the first week in the room, but despite of two operations, we were out and about on day three of the operations, the whole team gave us confidence, and the loving care they gave us, really impressed my hubby, so much so he is allowing me & my married daughter, to both come back for another procedure in autumn this year.

John was so kind & helpful, daily making sure every day was good, the little nurse was so gentle and reassuring.

We were really glad we had chosen you, we spent nearly every day for a month researching loads of doctors & other companies, and now know we found the best!!

The hotel was great too, lovely Spanish food, and a real family atmosphere, we did not want to come home, everyone felt like family by the time we had to go.

My husband did not have any procedures, but special care was taken of him to make sure he enjoyed the holiday too.

See you all soon, thank you so much.

Love, Dee U.K.

Dear Dr Alonso and your Team,

Once again, my many thanks for the wonderful care I received on my 2 recent visits to Marbella for surgery, and the remarkable results (breast augmentation and upper arm and thighs), having previously had a face lift.

All your team are marvellous and the results obtained are truly fantastic.

Also send my thanks to Quiron Hospital, for their nursing care.



Hi John and,

We are home safe and sound....trip was pleasant but LONG.

Thank you John for your dear card.

A thoughtful gesture and so like you John...always thinking of ways to make us feel more comfortable!

We only have warm and pleasant thoughts of our trip...a feat considering I was getting about 22 stitches in my head ...but well worth the wonderful results from Dr. Alonso's skilful hands. Grassyt, like you and Susan Dobson said, has such a gentle touch and easy way about her that she assuages all anxiety and doubt. A genuine gift!

We also wanted you to let Paco know that we appreciated his punctuality....his clean, clean car and his steady hand when he drove us.

We never felt as if we might be on our last car ride due to aggressive ...."foot to the pedal" mentality that exists in a lot of Countries.

And so John, I feel we have added to our world another group of special people.
Aren't we lucky.

California U.S.A.

Hi John,

Emma (Ireland) here!

Thanks so much for meeting with me on Tuesday.

Just to let you know I am delighted with my Botox Result, in fact it is the best result to be honest with you.

I love it, and will definitely be back to your Clinic.

Please Thank Dr. Alonso.

Gosh he was a very busy man indeed.

Still in Marbella, and going home on Sunday!

Hope to be back in September, Fingers Crossed and all that.



Dear Dr. Alonso

I hope you and all your team are well.

You will remember; I was on holiday in Marbella in 2010, and you treated me with Botox & Fillers; it was at that visit I saw many wonderful examples of your work.

It was on the strength of this that I re-booked for my Lower Eyes Op.

Together with Botox for my forehead and Fillers for my Lower Face I'm so pleased with the results!

Although I'm only 39 years of age; you have made me look so young again.

From being collected at Malaga Airport by the Clinics driver after my flight from England the weekend before my Op.

I was operated on the following Wednesday at the Hospital, and I must say I found the whole experience as a person not having any previous surgery; fist of all very professional, and secondly extremely caring!

Then returning to my accommodations and completing my two weeks holidays with a difference, and not requiring any pain support.

Thank you so much

Kind regards

Vikki (U.K.) July 2011

Dear Dr Alonso

I would like to thank you and all your medical team, John Woodman and Grassyt for all the care you gave me whilst I was in Marbella and would also like to extend my thanks to all the nursing staff at the hospital for their excellent care.

I can honestly say, that I am really pleased (thrilled) with the natural look following my face lift and my family are really impressed - they have still got their old mum back with the bags taken away (or as my daughter says, I have been ironed out). No seriously, my face looks fresher and natural and is improving each day.

You have only to ask John Woodman about my worries and fears before arriving in Marbella but these all dissolved when I met everyone involved, and Dr Alonso you did a great job, Grassyt for her tender loving care. Truly, everyone was marvellous and I cannot thank them enough for all their care. John was right, I was uncomfortable but can honestly say, I was in no pain whatsoever.

Once again, thank you all, an especially John for putting my mind at rest and for all his help and patience before and after surgery.

Sue Dobson,

Dear Dr. Alonso

I would like to thank you and your wonderful team for looking after me whilst I had my facelift in Marbella.

I cannot tell you just how reassuring it was to have every detail of my stay taken care of at a time when, I must admit, I was extremely nervous.

I needn't have worried at all. My operation went so smoothly and I cannot honestly say it was painful. There was , of course, some discomfort, but the tender and thoughtful ministrations of Grassyt, who is such an asset to you, made even that seem insignificant.

One of my concerns, beforehand, was that I would look as if I had had a facelift. Well I needn't have worried. I have had such brilliant feedback from people in the UK since I got back. I just look like me - but 20 years younger!

You have done a marvelous job and I would like to extend my thanks to both John Woodman, who was always so helpful, and of course to dear Grassyt.

I hope you are all well and I will most definitely be visiting you when I visit Marbella

Yours most sincerely

Pat Baldwin - England

Dear Dr. Alonso.

I want to say thank you so much on the wonderful job you have done on my eyes, I can't tell you how much better I feel about the way I look now

I just can't stop looking in the mirror (not that I'm vain of course!!).

I thank you to, dear Grassyt - she is such a sweet girl. Thank you also to John Woodman who has been so kind and wonderfully reassuring on the telephone.

I am coming over to Marbella in April for 3 weeks - I hope I can pop in to see you at the clinic.

Many thanks once again.

Kind rgards,

Janet from England

Hi John,

I hope I find you well. Thank you all for looking after me so well during my recent stay. I hope you like the picture of the new me.

John and I are looking forward to seeing you later in the year.

On another subject, could you please provide me with a quote for a breast lift, Tummy tuck and lipo please.

A good price would be appreciated as I am about to become a pensioner,

Best wishes


Dear Dr. Alonso.

I hope you and all your team are well.

I am so pleased I saw the publicity for Severo Medical Group S.L in the local paper.

ON the strength of that I came to see you and you treated me with Restylane.

Although I'm only 35 years of age, you have made me look like a 24 year old again.

Thank you so much,


Miss Mary Churchill.

Dear Severo Team,

I would like to say thank you for your services.

On my recent visit to Marbella, Spain I was reading the ‘Sur in English’ newspaper & came across your advertisement for Botox & Fillers. I made the appointment & had Botox & Fillers with Dr Alonso. I am very pleased with the results & am now considering having a facelift & nose job with Severo.

The Severo Team, including Dr Alonso, put me at ease & I look forward to being in your care again very soon.

Thank you so much

Dee Harman

Dear John,

Just a quick communication to express my thanks to yourself and everyone else involved on my recent trip to Marbella.

The care and attention at the clinic in Marbella was excellent and the relaxed friendliness from all the staff at the hospital in Marbella was extremely welcoming. Having spoken to some friends on my return who have undergone similar cosmetic surgery in this country assure me that this kind of attention to detail does not seem to exist here. Also the backup personal service was second to none and at no time did I feel afraid or alone.

Each day is exiting when I get up in the morning I can't wait to see if the swelling has diminished and at the moment I am brave enough to go out with sunglasses.

I have spoken to Mrs. Miller, who at this stage had talked herself out of her proposed surgery an having renewed her confidence in the procedure during our phone conversation she now can't wait to meet me next week-end and once she does I'm sure you will have a call from her to book the trip!!


Norma from England

Dear John,

Well, I am home a week now. Recovery is slow but steady. I am still somewhat bruised. The redness is now blotchiness, the numbness remains and I still have somewhat lopsided smile.

(I "kiss" the mirror on a very regular basis!). This is not by way of complaint; more of an observation. I am much better than a week ago. Each day shows an improvement, but it is till to early for me to be able to appreciate the wonderful work of Dr. Alonso. Dave is amazed by the lack of wrinkles. When it all settles he will be even more amazed. At the moment he Is happy to see his wife emerging from behind the bruises and redness.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful quality of care I received, not only from the entire staff but from yourself as well. Never once did you cause me to feel uncomfortable or that I was being a nuisance; not even when I telephoned you so late at night as Dr. Alonso hadn't arrived. I always felt that you were genuinely interested in my complete well-being and that I could call on you if I was at all concerned.

I'd be pleased if you would thank the nursing and ancillary staff for me. The ladies who brought me my meals were always so pleasant and helpful. The food was super and my room like a four star hotel. Grassyt was superb. I felt so confident while in her care. She was so patient, pleasant, always smiling and so very reassuring. Yes, she is a treasure.

I thought I was going to find my stay in Marbella a lonely one. I hadn't reckoned on your considering that dimension as well. I found the companion to be a lovely person who seemed to know when to say and do the very things to make me feel better. There were times when I was feeling a bit down and in she would come and perk me up no end. She brought a lot of magazines, talking books and a radio; not to mention the trips to Puerto Banus and in to the mountains. The radio was a Godsend in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.

So all in all the whole experience was way in excess of my expectations. Anyone who is contemplating plastic surgery should know about Severo Medical Group S.L. I am so very glad I did. Many many thanks John and your wonderful team.

Best wishes

Colette from Ireland

Dear John,

Thanks for everything.

I hope to contact you again soon.


Noreen - Northern Territory - Australia

Dr. Alonso,

We are now back in England, just a few words to thank you so much for my facelift, I am so pleased.

The room in the hospital was so comfortable and the view was breathtaking, the staff there where so friendly and your Senior Nurse Grassyt, was absolutely marvellous and so helpful.

My stay in Marbella was absolutely wonderful, just what I needed as a tonic plus looking younger to boot!!!!

The second week as I looked so good my husband & I planed a trip to Gibraltar, we really enjoyed it!

Again thank you all very much

Brenda & James

Dr. Alonso & the whole Team,

Bristol seems very dull after Marbella, but my surgery is absolutely brilliant.

My boyfriend thinks I look the same as when we first met, he can't get over it!

They say that a Nurse makes the worst patient, but I felt so comfortable with all the Severo Medical Team that I had no trouble relaxing and letting them get on with things.

When I returned to work all the other Nurses could not believe it and thought my facelift looked wonderful, they are now planning to come to Marbella.

I enjoyed my relaxing holiday and my visit to Puerto Banus & other parts of the Costa Del Sol.

Love to Nurse Grassyt who was wonderful and so patient with me.

Thank you so much


Dear John,

Many Many thanks for your kind and caring ways, you have helped Mary and myself who had great trepidation to feel safe and comfortable and treated as an individual - not a number.

Hopefully we will meet again perhaps in September on another visit to Marbella - it would be lovely to go out with you for a meal.

Once again all our thanks.

Regina x & Mary Diane x
From - Italy

Whoever it may concern

I recently attended your hospital for cosmetic surgery with Dr Pedro Alonso (Severo Medico) and would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the care I received during my short stay.

The nursing staff at the hospital were excellent and were very caring and courteous and I would like to say a big thank you to them all.


Sue Dobson,

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